In addition to the project team members, the individual packaging categories are represented by ambassadors - prominent people in their field.

The role of ambassador in the Recycling Promotion Alliance is focused on promoting and supporting sustainable and environmentally friendly recycling practices. The Ambassador appointed to this role should have expertise and a passion for environmental protection and sustainable development. His/her role is to introduce and promote recycling-related initiatives. The Ambassador shall be active within the sector/product categories to promote common packaging policy principles with an emphasis on promoting recycling and the use of recycled materials as raw materials.


Here are a few key aspects of the role:

  • Promoting awareness - The Recycling Ambassador should actively promote awareness and information about the importance of recycling and its benefits. This may include public speaking, attending conferences and meetings, writing articles and giving media interviews. The aim is to raise awareness and understanding among the public and governments of the importance and practicalities of recycling.
  • Promoting research and innovation - Support research and development of new recycling technologies and practices.
  • Cross-market collaboration - This may include sharing best practice, active collaboration.
  • Negotiation - Ambassadors should use their skills to negotiate and promote common recycling goals and interests.

The Ambassador in the Recycling Promotion Alliance therefore has a key role in promoting sustainable and environmentally sound recycling practices. His/her job is to raise awareness, foster collaboration, negotiate and promote innovation in this field.


Radek Mádr

Ball Beverage Packaging Czech Republic

Managing director

Ivan Holub


Michal Škoda



Ing. Jan Teplý


obchod, marketing, nákup

Ing. Josef Hantsch


obchodní ředitel

Martin Krystián


generální ředitel

Pavel Březina

Svaz českých a moravských spotřebních družstev

Předseda představenstva

Tereza Alvarez Sone


Marketing Manager