Main topics

In order to achieve the Alliance's goals for promoting recycling, 4 main themes have been identified

The aim is to facilitate the management of master data. To this end, a single, automatically processable database for sustainability-relevant packaging information is being developed at national and international level. The focus is on content definitions and descriptions, the creation of technical capabilities and the dissemination of information on the attributes of the master data.

Master Data Management (MDM) is a process that ensures the integrity, consistency and availability of key data in the enterprise. This key data, which is considered master data, typically relates to customers, products, items, inventory, and other similar data. The goal of master data management is to unify and standardize data across different systems and sources to improve its quality and enable better analysis and decision making. MDM is often used in conjunction with Data Governance to ensure that data is managed within an organization.

Communication across partners should promote end-user awareness of circular economy and recycling.

The aim of the participating companies is to show solutions on how more high quality recyclates (of different quality levels) from household collection can be used in packaging and how the cost of recyclates can be reduced.

The aim is to jointly develop packaging reduction strategies and put in place appropriate measures. To this end, the state of the art of existing market solutions is being taken stock of and innovative and feasible approaches are being identified to at least reduce packaging where it cannot be avoided.