Alliance for the promotion of recycling

Create new from old. The Alliance for the Promotion of Recycling brings together stakeholders from all areas of the circular economy. Together they create an interface for the development of practical and consumer-oriented solutions for recyclable packaging. We are also increasing the use of recycled materials in packaging, not only through modern recycling technologies.

About us

Reasons for our cooperation

The amount of waste is still increasing. One solution is to recycle old packaging into new packaging. But some of the packaging, which is the usual packaging on the market, is not recyclable. Despite increasing consumption, resource consumption and large amounts of waste, reusable plastics, i.e. recycled materials, are not currently available in sufficient quantities for the production of packaging. Alliance for the promotion of recycling was created to increase recyclable packaging.

Our mission

We highlight and promote great, sustainable packaging ideas that protect products and often the health of consumers. That is, the most vulnerable and most important. For us, sustainable means economically, environmentally and socially sustainable packaging.

Our vision

We show that not only the competition, but also the entire supply chain can unite in a higher interest. We show the important role of packaging, especially now that the consumption of products is increasing and thus the consumption of packaging.

Our values

We support sustainable and safe packaging options that reduce environmental degradation, maintain productivity over time and support the economic viability of the products they protect. And that is the most important function of packaging.

Keyword recyclate

Recycling waste, or recyclate, is material that is reused after its original use. Recycling is the process by which recycled material is processed into a new product or used as a raw material to make new products. Recycling can help reduce the consumption of natural resources, reduce waste production and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which can help protect the environment.


The optimum choice in packaging production is to use a single type of material, the so-called monomaterial

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packaging waste was recycled and recovered through energy recovery in the Czech Republic in 2021

They said about us

Together with our suppliers, we look for packaging with regard to its environmental impact. We also motivate our customers to adopt a sustainable approach, whether it is the option of buying food and drugstore products without packaging, reusable bags or pouches and other activities.

Natália Kadeřávková

In Billa, we committed to packaging all our products in recyclable, reusable or biodegradable packaging by 2030. We know we still have a long way to go to meet this commitment. We believe that the key to this task lies in cross-industry collaboration and the sharing of good practice.

Šimon Fiala
BILLA Česká republika

Only packaging designed to be most suitable for efficient recycling can be truly circular. We at Danone are convinced that it is essential to start the circular transformation as soon as possible, and to involve as many partners as possible in such a systemic change. That is why we see our membership of the Alliance for Recycling Promotion as another important step in making the packaging we place on the Czech market truly sustainable.

Ivan Holub

As a family-owned company with more than 150 years of tradition, Greiner has long been on the path of sustainability and sustainability. Reducing the amount of materials, energy, using recycled materials and renewable electricity or continuously streamlining processes. It is necessary to set high goals. Cooperation with the Alliance is another step towards true sustainability, which is the only right direction for us. We want to help make packaging more sustainable and, above all, contribute to a sustainable society.

Ivo Benda
greiner packaging slušovice

We are very pleased that we have been able to establish cooperation with the Syba Packaging Institute and jointly prepare a platform for cooperation and sharing of experience in packaging issues. We are also ready to support the activities of ECR members and bring interesting solutions and best practices from abroad within the framework of cooperation between ECR Community and World Packaging Organization.

Tomáš Martoch
GS1 Czech Republic

Switching to easily recyclable packaging is an important step in the right direction. The Alliance will make it easier for Czech companies. GS1 standards will help them to identify packaging unambiguously and share packaging data. Foreign experience shows that this data is extremely important for meeting sustainability goals. They can be used across the entire supply chain.

Tomáš Tlučhoř
GS1 Czech Republic

Consumers should learn objectively what the available expertise suggests is the most acceptable and environmentally friendly packaging for our consumer world. Surely this does not include the lobby of packaging manufacturers with the aim of simply selling. It is also my motivation to be part of this project.

Michal Škoda

The use of monomaterials leads to easier recycling and thus increases the chance of subsequent recovery of recycled packaging materials.

Iva Werbynská
Obalový Institut Syba

Sustainable packaging of goods is gradually becoming one of the company's priorities. A growing number of consumers are considering the packaging in which they buy their products, and at the same time there are more and more manufacturers for whom the subsequent recycling of packaging is an important factor in deciding how to package a product. As each country uses different packaging recycling technologies, packaging that recycles well in one country may be problematic in another. This is where I see a great contribution from the Alliance, which shows the way for Czech manufacturers which packaging is appropriate to use in terms of recycling and which to avoid.

Pavel Hampejs

At Smurfit Kappa, our primary focus is on REDUCE, which means reducing the amount of packaging materials used. Our goal is to package our client's product in a way that provides the necessary box performance, but using less paper, cardboard or paper fibre. We are also proud to participate in the Alliance, which supports other key steps towards a more sustainable packaging economy, in particular RECYCLE.

Jan Kaprhál
Smurfit Kappa

It is an ecological activity that, unlike many other would-be green activities, makes sense. Taking care of the community, including the environment, is one of the basic principles of co-operativism, which is why COOP supports efforts to use materials that are well recycled for packaging food and other products.

Pavel Březina
Svaz českých a moravských spotřebních družstev

Circular economy: recycle waste as a raw material - as a solution

More sustainability, less packaging waste, more efficient recycling - based on self-responsibility, consumer wishes and legislation, companies are increasingly getting involved in the circular economy. This contributes, among other things, to increasingly environmentally friendly purchasing behaviour and legal requirements such as the Packaging Act. From 2025, for example, plastic bottles up to three litres should consist of at least a quarter recycled material, rising to 30 per cent by 2030. The European Commission's "Circular Economy Action Plan" also sets things in motion on recycling at European level. An important basis for this is: having enough recyclate available as raw material for packaging.

Meet the project team

It includes representatives from retail, the consumer goods industry, packaging manufacturers, packaging material manufacturers, recycling companies, sorting plant operators and other companies. Among other things, the team is responsible for strategic orientation, recruiting new members and also for new topics.

Natália Kadeřávková


Quality Manager EBF&PI

Jan Daňsa


Šimon Fiala

BILLA Česká republika

Sustainability Manager

Ivo Benda

greiner packaging slušovice


Tomáš Martoch

GS1 Czech Republic

Senior Manager ECR

Tomáš Tlučhoř

GS1 Czech Republic

Ředitel datových služeb

Iva Werbynska


Obalová legislativa
Obalová řešení
Udržitelnost ekologická i ekonomická
Majitelka a jednatelka v Obalovém institutu SYBA

Pavel Komůrka


Packaging innovation

Petr Baudyš

Penny Market

Ředitel kontroly kvality

Pavel Hampejs


Supply Chain Director

Jan Kaprhál

Smurfit Kappa

Marketing & Innovation Manager

Jaroslav Vodáček

Tesco Stores

CE lead packaging manager

Lenka Nejedlová