Examples from practice

Here you will find best practices in sustainable packaging management.

Saving packaging materials


Plastics are one of the key areas of Alberta's sustainability strategy. Our approach and goals are focused primarily on private label packaging, where we can track all steps along the value chain. Gradually, we are succeeding in reducing plastics and replacing packaging with recyclable alternatives...

Nice Bites – dry fruits now in fully recyclable packaging


Private labels are an important part of the BILLA range, helping us to differentiate ourselves and build customer loyalty. That's why we continue to develop the range. Under the new private label Nice Bites, we offer customers a wide selection of high-quality nuts and dry fruits.

Case study: the ecological transformation of the Medovník packaging


The company Vizard, known for its highly popular honey cake, faced a challenge in the sustainability and efficiency of its packaging design. Their octagonal packaging, while visually appealing on shelves, was unsustainable from a manufacturing and environmental perspective.

Prazdroj puts collected cans back into circulation


One of Prazdroj's strategic objectives is that the consumer packaging of all its products should be reusable or recyclable and at least half made from recycled material. The company will meet this goal this year, seven years ahead of schedule. The key shift is in cans.

Actimel is going naked


We would like to share an exciting case study called "ACTIMEL IS GOING NAKED". The study was prepared by our colleague Ivan Holub, who has carefully documented the process of transforming our packaging solutions towards greater sustainability.

Within Danone, a global leader in high-quality dairy...

Greener packaging of the refreshed private label BILLA Vocílka


The private label Vocílka recently underwent a relaunch and got a new coat. In addition to the logo and visual style, we also worked on more environmentally friendly packaging, both in terms of recyclability and saving packaging material.

BILLA's private label range includes approximately 2,000...

Sustainable packaging solution: How Madeta a.s. innovates in the field of packaging


Sustainability and innovation are key words in many industries today. At Madeta, we also strive to find the optimal solution that respects not only the needs of our business but also the environment.

History and context

Madeta a.s. has a rich history going back more than a century.

Sustainable approach: redesign of Pierot packaging


When you've been working with a company for so long that you could celebrate a pearl wedding together, it's great when the relationship is still evolving, you trust each other and you go into changes together that aren't easy. This is how the cooperation between the dairy company OLMA and the...