Packing for the Future


Packaging is important. It protects all the products we consume every day. This protective function is not only good for the product, but also for the environment, because products and goods that do not spoil or break do not need to be produced again. For example, food waste can be avoided. In addition, we buy many liquid products such as drinks or detergents every day. These types of products cannot function at all without packaging. And not all packaging has the same impact. Packaging only has a future if it has the smallest possible ecological footprint.

No one-size-fits-all solutions

There is no "one" packaging with a future. All packaging materials have their advantages and disadvantages. This means that for each packaged product, the most sustainable packaging solution must be evaluated individually. For all packaging materials it is equally important to consider the entire ecological footprint. This must be the benchmark for deciding whether or not a certain type of packaging has a future.

More than one life

Among other factors, packaging is sustainable if it can be reused or recycled again and again. One example is the classic PET bottle, which can be recycled again after use. The old bottle is turned into a new one. It is important to ensure that the packaging is recyclable at an early stage of product design. Recycling is efficient and saves natural resources.

A world without packaging?

Packaging is subject to criticism. But a world without packaging is neither conceivable nor desirable. Packaging has become an indispensable part of our modern lives and fulfils a number of functions. It provides consumers with information, is important for transport and storage, extends the shelf life of products and protects the goods we consume every day. It is true that a lot has to change from use to recycling to disposal. In the future, packaging must contribute to solving the challenges on the road to a circular economy. That is what we are working on. Together.

Together for the future

No one can solve packaging problems alone. It needs industry, policy and consumers. All actors have an important role to play. It's clear: we as an industry have our own contribution to make and we want to take responsibility. That's why we founded this platform. Together we are tackling the problem of developing, implementing and recycling sustainable packaging. Our goals: not only to reduce, reuse and recycle packaging, but to replace it with improved packaging. In this way, packaging truly has a future. Lossless. No pollution.