ECR community

What is ECR?

The Czech-Slovak ECR Initiative was established in January 2001 as a common, neutral platform to promote cooperation and the use of best methods and practices, to share examples of best practice and to support further education of professionals across the sector.

ECR mission

The ECR (Effective Consumer Response) initiative is a joint activity of retail chains, manufacturers and suppliers. Its main objective is to increase efficiency and reduce costs within the supply chain in a sustainable way. The principle of ECR is intensive cooperation between its members to optimise processes in the trade and logistics sector.


Organisational structure

The highest body of the association is the General Assembly. All members of the association have access to the General Assembly. It is held once a year. The organisation of the General Assembly is usually combined with the ECR Annual Conference, a joint meeting of members where we present the results of the activities of the previous period and the planned activities and projects.

The Board of Directors is the advisory body of the association. In its current form, the Board is composed of 4 members, with a ratio of 2 trade representatives and 2 producer representatives. Currently it is composed of representatives of Albert and Makro C&C on the trade side and Nestlé and Unilever on the producer side.

The Co-Chairs' Committee is the collective statutory body of the Association. One of the co-chairs represents the interests of the trade and one the interests of the producers/suppliers.

Permanent office - manages the day-to-day running of the association and all administrative, financial and organisational tasks. Coordination of ECR activities is provided by GS1 Czech Republic.

Working Groups - the main activity of ECR is carried out in joint teams to which members delegate their representatives based on their expertise.


For more information about the ECR community contact:

Tomáš Martoch

GS1 Czech Republic

Senior Manager ECR